Secrets of Long Term Weight Loss

There is more to getting healthy and fit than simply losing weight. You must also make the permanent lifestyle changes that are necessary to keep the weight off. If you fail to do so, as many dieters do, you wind up on the diet seesaw, losing and gaining back the same weight over and over. So what does it take to not only lose the weight in the first place, but avoid gaining it back? […]

Start with these Easy Exercises For Weight Loss

We all want to lose weight without the hustle of having to compromise our diets or breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, this is not possible, unless you want to risk your health and safety. There is no magic or miracles. You have to work towards getting your dream waistline and body. If you want to lose weight in the right and safest way, you have to add exercise to your weight loss regimen. Here are a […]