2019 World Rowing Junior Championships, Tokyo, Japan
2019 World Rowing Junior Championships, Tokyo, Japan

Medical and Health

The World Rowing Sports Medicine Commission

General Areas of Responsibility

    1. To oversee and advise on all medical aspects related to rowing
    2. To monitor medical services at regattas
    3. To investigate and promote the prevention of sports injuries
    4. To study, monitor and publicise biological aspects of training
    5. To assist in the basic medical education of coaches
    6. To regulate and undertake doping control

    But also :

    1. To provide advice and recommendations on request to the Council, Coaches
      Conferences and National Federations
    2. To formulate and publish guidelines for medical services
    3. To document literature related to exercise physiology, sports medicine and
    4. To formulate and publish anti-doping rules and to assist in putting them in to effect
    5. To participate in the World Rowing Coaches Conference

    Medical Rules

    The Olympic Movement Medical Code has been adopted by World Rowing.





Medical information

Hot Weather and Heat Safety Guidelines (updated 24/07/2021)

World Rowing – Heat Safety guidelines – 240721

Advice for physiotherapists, (massage therapists, and other clinicians in very close contact) treating rowing athletes during and post Covid19 pandemic

by Dr. Cliona Ni Cheallaigh and Dr. Fiona Wilson

Physiotherapy – Athlete management guidelines for Covid-19

Low back pain in rowing

by Dr. Fiona Wilson

Guide for managing low back pain in rowers

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